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Closing Date: 24/06/2022 Recruitment start: 08/06/2022


Job Summary

Senior Statisticians are key statistical leaders and senior managers in our organisation. Each Senior Statistician is responsible for a designated CSO Division. The Office currently has 38 Divisions and this number is expected to increase over the coming period, reflecting the increasing complexity of national and European statistical needs. Senior Statisticians play a key leadership role in the formulation and implementation of Office strategy and policy, both statistical and non-statistical, as well as being responsible for service delivery against key performance indicators.

  • We would like to hear from high calibre individuals with an interest in data and a commitment to public service, who can contribute at a high level to the future strategic direction of the Central Statistics Office. Ideal candidates will be experienced senior managers, with a proven track record in a numerate discipline, enjoying high levels of energy, drive, resilience, motivation, and a proven ability to innovatively deliver objectives through and with others.

Senior Statisticians will lead, manage and provide technical guidance to the work of a Division within the CSO and ensure that objectives are met through effective planning and delivery of a defined work programme. Senior Statisticians must provide oversight and make statistical/other technical decisions where and when appropriate.

Senior Statisticians will also contribute to the shaping of broader CSO strategy and policy through developing and sharing specialist expertise and by engaging and networking within the Civil Service and external bodies.

Senior Statisticians are at the forefront in setting and improving standards of statistical and general service delivery and in enhancing and managing effective and efficient performance across the organisation.  Their role includes adopting an agile, digital first approach which keeps pace with environmental, social, technological and statistical evolution and ensuring that systems are in place to deliver excellence in customer service.  Managers at this level will also work co-operatively with other Senior Management colleagues in developing the leadership, management and strategic direction of the CSO.

Senior Statisticians are tasked with leading their teams and the organisation in delivering on Civil Service 2030 Renewal Strategy - an ambitious 10-year strategy of Civil Service reform. The Strategy will be implemented through a series of 3-year action plans aimed at delivering a diverse and high performing Civil Service that is inclusive, engaged, agile and ready to meet current and future challenges. As Senior Leaders, Senior Statisticians will embed a culture which enables their teams to perform to their optimum potential and create a positive and inclusive work environment where everyone’s contribution is valued.

Job Objectives

Key duties and responsibilities:

  • Taking a central leadership role in the management of the CSO and supporting a division in the delivery of objectives as set out in the in the various strategic frameworks associated with CSO’s long term vision and strategy, National Statistics Board Strategy 2021-2026, CSO 2030 and CSO Statement of Strategy 2020-2023 contributing to the implementation of reforms under the Civil Service 2030 Renewal Strategy.
  • Innovation across all aspects of the Generic Statistical Business Process Model (GSBPM)and promoting the development of new and value-added outputs to meet the needs of the CSO’s expanding range of users, across the policy community, business stakeholders, International organisations and the public;
  • Taking responsibility for overseeing a significant programme of work and ensuring that this work programme is delivered effectively and efficiently;
  • Developing and utilising specialist expertise within team in order to progress team and Organisational objectives;
  • Implementing business and corporate plans and ensuring that risk identification, measurement and mitigation strategies are in place;
  • Ensuring that the Organisation is equipped to deal with current and future demands by nurturing talent, retaining knowledge and taking a unified, non-siloed approach to the development of same;
  • Actively collaborating and building useful networks within the Organisation and across other departments, agencies and external bodies to maintain the relevance and utility of our outputs and to fulfil the growing demand for insight alongside pure measurement;
  • Managing office-wide projects outside of their direct area of responsibility from time to time;
  • Representing CSO at high level meetings both nationally and internationally;
  • Fulfilling the responsibilities assigned to Senior Statisticians under the Public Service Management Act

Skills Required

Essential Entry Requirements

Candidates must have on 24th June 2022:

  • Minimum Level 8 primary degree (2H1 or higher) on the National Framework of Qualifications or an equivalent qualification, acceptable to the CSO in a discipline with a significant numerate component such as Statistics, Mathematics, Economics, Computer Science, Geographical Information Systems, Data Engineering, Data Science, Data Analytics etc.;


  • A minimum of 5 years relevant senior management experience demonstrating the ability and potential to undertake the duties and responsibilities of the Senior Statistician role. Relevant experience may include experience of leading teams or direct responsibility for managing projects or resources.
  • Experience and in-depth knowledge of a relevant field, or fields, of statistical expertise.
  • Significant experience of some or all of the following: strategic management including relevant experience of strategy/policy development, change management and project management.
  • A proven track record of clear decision making and delivery of quality results in a pressurised environment.
  • Proven skills in developing and maintaining key relationships to ensure delivery of business outcomes.
  • A proven track record of strong commitment to the implementation of strategic change.
  • Excellent communication, networking and influencing skills to operate at a senior level.
  • The drive, energy and enthusiasm to continually extend the boundaries of the role.
  • A good knowledge and understanding of the operational and budgetary environment in which the CSO operates or an ability to quickly acquire same.

In addition, candidates must also be able to demonstrate the Key Competencies as listed below which are identified for effective performance at Senior Statistician Level

  • Leadership and Strategic Direction
  • Judgement and Decision Making
  • Management and Delivery of Results
  • Building Relationships and Communication
  • Specialist Knowledge, Expertise and Self Development
  • Drive and Commitment to Public Service Values

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